Welcome to  NsBm0d  Page.

This is my new Repo  NsBm0d  for Cydia formally known as NsBm0d.myrepospace which no longer exist. In this site I have tutorials and links that you can use to help create your own repository for GitHub and Cydia. I only do things with this Repo as a hobby and nothing more. Feel free to install my Alist Tweak from Cydia to help you get anything you should want on Cydia for free. This pkg will install a list of reliable Sources that stays with the times as pkgs get updated.

If you would like to learn how to create your own free Repository for Cydia you can use the tab above or with this tutorial link that will show you how using Mac. You will be shown everything from what you need and how to create a working Repository for Cydia on Mac. I have also created a Document in a .pdf file that you can download from the Download .zip tab above to use as a reference for you to copy from along with working links. This will help you to setup up a basic Repo on Cydia but you can create a full scale repo site with all the bells and whistles if and when you know how. In this tutorial you will be shown all the necessary tools that you would need to create any kind of Themes, Tweaks, Mods, or Apps and then package them into a .deb file and upload to your own Cydia Repository. Feel free to add my Repo if you like they are live on Cydia.

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Cydia package page layout-templates

I’ve crafted a template to use with a Cydia Repo for the package page layout. Go ahead and click Continue to layout to see what it looks like on your repository. You can see how the two examples will look on Cydia's package page from Nrepo which is live on Cydia. Feel free to add http://nrepo.github.io to your Sources or click add Nrepo if you are on a jail broken iDevice to see how your repo could look on Cydia itself. If you want to use these templates just read the README.md file. I've have a Video tutorial you can view

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How to make a package an Essential & Priority install

If you want to learn how to make a Package an Essential & a Priority install on your Repository for Cydia just watch my video

You can copy my template to your Repository then edit as needed.

Creating pages manually

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Support or Contact

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